Peanut Wood

Peanut Wood



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Australian Peanut Wood Cabochon

Length x 22mm

Width x 12.5mm

Depth x 4mm

Weight x 1.9g

Origin x Australia

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Peanut Wood. Peanut wood is found along the edges of the Kennedy Ranges about 160 kms. inland from the coastal town of Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Much of the peanut wood being sold today began its life as a conifer tree on land in the area now known as Western Australia. When these trees died, rivers carried them into a shallow, salty epicontinental sea that covered much of what is now the Australian continent.

They arrived at the sea as a piece of driftwood. This was during the Cretaceous time period, when a species of marine clam that loved to eat wood lived in the Australian sea. The clam larvae were able to smell nearby wood and swim to it. When they arrived at a piece of driftwood, they would attach themselves to it and start eating. A tiny pair of valves soon developed on one end of their long body, and they used the sharp edges of their shell as a rasp. They shaved off tiny particles of wood - which they would promptly eat. In a few weeks they could excavate a deep tunnel into the soft, mushy wood.